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Get a great start in model rocketry from £14.99

If you are new to model rocketry, CLICK HERE to watch a slightly hyper US promo video for Estes model rockets that explains it all. Corny, YES but useful nonetheless.

At the Model Rocket Shop we pride ourselves in the wide range of Starter (or Launch) Sets that we offer for beginner rocketeers and giftgivers. We offer the full range of Estes sets and also created a few of our own combinations. We offer them either in Basic or Deluxe versions.

Our Deluxe Sets make a perfect gift as they contain everything needed to build and fly the rocket two, three or four times depending on the motor packaging. We include glue where required, batteries, recovery wadding and rocket motors with igniters. In addition, all you really need is suitable weather and a place to fly!

Because our Deluxe Sets include rocket motors they must be sent by courier (using ordinary post is strictly NOT allowed). To get best value from the courier fee, you can order additional motors. We send out our sets with lower powered motors because we believe that lost rockets do not help us (or you) delight beginners!

If you want to try stronger motors (or as Estes calls them, "engines"), each product has recommendations in the Vital Statistics section that provide thrilling flights after you have learned about wind speed (and hopefully not tree climbing!)

Ready to Fly Starter Sets

There's no messing about with glue or paint. Please read the enclosed documentation so you have a fun and safe experience!

A minute will have the parachute and wadding installed then you assemble the launch pad (2 minutes) and put the batteries in the launch controller (1 minute) and stick a motor and igniter in the rocket. Head for the great outdoors! Count down and launch!

CLICK HERE to make your selection from our Ready to Fly Starter Sets

Deluxe Easy to Build Starter Sets

In Estes terminology "E2X" means Easy to Assemble. Your satisfaction will be multiplied when you build your own rocket. Depending on the glue (and sometimes paint) and your modelling experience, you can get these rockets in the air in an hour or sometimes less.

CLICK HERE to make your selection from our Deluxe Easy to Build Starter Sets

Deluxe Starter Sets for Grown Ups

Probably not for kids! Some require adult building and finishing skills, some just go way high on powerful motors. These rockets are big fun for big people! Or to be shared with your youngsters?

CLICK HERE to make your selection from our Starter Sets for Grown Ups

Basic Starter/Launch Sets

These sets are for the budget minded - straight off the shelf as Estes makes 'em. Because they don't include motors we can just pop them in the post which is cheaper than a courier. On the other hand, you will need to have batteries, recovery wadding, motors and maybe some glue. No problem if you have these already to hand.

CLICK HERE to make your selection from our Economy Starter Sets

The Weakest Link

If problems occur in any standard rocket kit, chances are it is the recovery system - recovery wadding, the harness ("shock cord") or the parachute. Estes standard components are built to a low price, not a high level of durability.

To be sure you get your rocket back we recommend Starter Set Recovery Upgrade Kits, the economical version of our Recovery Upgrade Kits that address the standard recovery components' short comings and are also a bit kinder on the environment, too.

CLICK HERE for more information

Our full-on Recovery Upgrade Kits provide the highest level of durability. They are principally for rocket builders that value the time and skill they put into their birds. That's not to say that failing to get back a beloved Starter Set rocket is any less traumatic (especially if child disappointment is involved).

CLICK HEREfor more information.

Estes model rocketry is recommended for ages 10 and up with adult supervision for those under 12. Unless otherwise specified, all models require assembly. Tools, construction and finishing supplies sold separately. In order to launch, a launch system, model rocket engines, igniters and recovery wadding are required - sold separately - unless otherwise specified.


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