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Guinness Book of World Records

<b>EXCLUSIVE</b> New Shepard<br/>Space Tourism & motors 1

We imported TWO via our US affiliate. You won't find these anywhere on this side of the Atlantic for a good while yet!

Vital Statistics

Length: 26.3cm
Diameter: 45.2mm
Weight: 113.4g
Recovery: 15 inch poly chute
Recommended Recovery Upgrade: Kit B or C
Recommended motors: C6-3, Klima D9-5
Altitude: 122m on a C, over 200m on a D

Yes, the long awaited plastic flying model rocket of the Blue Origin New Shepard are available for >>two<< lucky UK flyers. Order now - extremely limited availability.

Who else would create an aerospace company with the initials "BO"? (hint: no one)

Who else would go to the trouble of crossing the 100km Karman line on autopilot (and therefore not become an astronaut)? (hint: no one)

Who else would bring the US moon landing program to a juddering halt with a hopeless court action? (hint: JB)

Who else would create a model rocket shaped like an intimate female appliance that took over 10 years to develop but not attain orbit? (only Estes)

Estes explains "Blue Origin recently launched the first crew aboard the New Shepard rocket. The historic flight brought Wally Funk, Jeff Bezos, Mark Bezos, and auction winner Oliver Daemen to the ranks of astronauts (no it didn't because it flies on autopilot), and will continue to push the frontiers of (extremely) well-heeled manned spaceflight for years to come." Now Captain James T Kirk (William Shatner) and Alan Shepard's daughter have joined the ranks of Amazon veteran flyers.


You can load the capsule with your own payload. We might suggest a little Jeff Bezos voodoo doll unless he stops being a poor loser for the moon landing contract. Jeff, you have been warned! We have Estes Altimeters that can show you how high you fly... sorry no astronaut badges unless you exceed 100km and do significant astronaut work ;-)

A Klima D9-5 delivers twice the power of the recommended Estes C motor. It will send the New Shepard flying model rocket kit almost as high as Jeff Bezos' ego!

Fly high! Fly safe!

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