Deluxe V2 set
With BIG motors and more!
[EST 3228+]

Deluxe V2 setWith BIG motors and more!

A model for fans of the first rocket into space in 1942... or one for somebody with a grudge against East London ;-) This set is cheaper than just buying all the bits a la carte, too!

This Limited Edition Deluxe Set has all the bells and whistles which makes it a perfect gift. This Model Rocket Shop bundle includes

  • Estes Porta Pad II
  • MaxiRod
  • Electron Beam Controller with batteries
  • Estes model rocketry primer
  • Pack of C11 motors, igniters, plugs and wadding

A great optional addition would be some D12s-3s for more altitude after you have your initial flights on the C11s. A good recovery upgrade would be one of our 20 inch No Tangle Chutes CLICK HERE for the optional parachute details

Standing 22.4 inches tall and when powered by an Estes E9 engine (where available), this rocket can soar over 700 feet high! And even greater altitude is possible with Cesaroni Pro24 motors.

A great color scheme makes the V2 easy to see in the sky. Beware the authentic alternative camo paint schemes - it can sure make them hard to find on the ground!

Laser cut wood fins, slotted plastic tail cone and a plastic nose cone make this an easy build. Fly it on lower powered C11 motors first - D12s will take you higher! And Cesaroni Pro24s higher still... but probably not able to return it all the way to Peenemunde ;-)

History buff? If you give this V-2 an olive camo paint job it looks just like the rockets that the Ruskies "liberated" from Germany at the end of WWII and renamed R-2. This Wehrmacht design also turned into the Chinese DF-1 Long March in 1957. The Koreans have also flattered the classic V-2 design... And the Yanks fiddled about with a few out in their western desert with von Braun in charge with a yellow and black checkerboard "roll" pattern. Add four midship fins and it is a Wasserfall. There's lots of historical documentation available if you want to go full-on scale with the paint scheme.

This is a great kit; it's one of our favourites. It is big and strong, too. Through-the-wall fins are rare on a model rocket but this one has 'em. You might consider laminating those fins with paper or glass tissue and doubling their strength as they are the touch down point.

This is a great rocket to carry our MiniDV cam in the nose or in a bit of BT-20 inside the rocket.

The photo shows the model on an Estes E Pad not the Porta Pad that is included. Take a look at it by clicking HERE

Also consider the Klima Air Launcher Pad with its optional 6mm rod which more than a good idea if you want to play with motors bigger than D. You can take a gander by clicking OVER HERE

Vital Statistics

Length - 22.4 in. (56.9 cm)
Diameter - 2.6 in. (66 mm)
Weight - 6.3 oz (178.6 g)
Recovery - 18 in. (46 cm) plastic parachute
Recovery Upgrade: Kit C
Glue -Gorilla Wood Glue
Launch Equipment - standard plus MaxiRod
Recommended Motors: C11-3 (First Flight), D12-3, Es and Fs ONLY with bigger pad NOT INCLUDED but seriously consider Cesaroni Pro24!
Max Altitude - 725 ft. (221 m)

Read more about the V-2/A-4 and Operation Backfire HERE.

An alternate history of Operation Backfire can be found in an adult comic called The Ministry of Space (not the Ministry of Supply that ran Backfire with considerably less imagination).


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