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Educational Rockets 1

Recovery Upgrade<br />For VERY SMALL Models/Starters

Prevent rocket loss/damage by upgrading up your recovery system!

Estes range of Ready to Fly and SMALL rockets that fly on economical mini or T motors are great - and you can get even more value if your rocket doesn't crash! And this set works with most starter sets but may come down a bit faster/closer to the pad.

After a couple of flights, the recovery components fitted to most rocket models are an accident waiting to happen. Estes' elastic shock cord gets brittle. And if the "knicker elastic" cord breaks, your nose cone drifts off to the next county while the rest of your rocket "core samples".

The standard plastic chute, toasted by ejection gases, may be ready to shed a few of its lines... or fail to open at all. Recovery by a half-melted wad of bin liner plastic is not gentle.

This recession-buster Mini Model Recovery Upgrade will help keep your small rocket flying longer.

In the Mini Model Recovery Upgrade Kit we include a replacement 6 inch Estes parachute, a heat proof silicone sheath for your fragile "shock cord", and swatch of Nomex permanent wadding. This kit is suitable for most rockets under 3/4 inch in diameter... or you can use this if you just want a bigger rocket to come back FAST!

Nomex wadding is great because 1) you never have to buy packs of fireproof bog roll again for that rocket and 2) you don't have to collect charred bits of paper around the flying area when you are done flying.

Our full-on Recovery Upgrade Kits (when available) provide the highest level of durability. They are principally for rocket builders that value the time and skill they put into their birds. That's not to say that failing to get a beloved Starter Set rocket back is any less traumatic (especially if child disappointment is involved). For more information click HERE

With a recovery system upgrade on board, all you really have to worry about are trees, tall grass and ponds!

A link to full, illustrated instructions is included with each kit.

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