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Deluxe Pan Starter Set
6 motors and lots more has been added to your Cart
<b>NEW</b> Double Ringer<br/> Funky Glider/Parachute Combo

Vital Statistics Diameter: 33.78mm
Length: 643mm
Weight: 107.73g
Recovery: Gliding Rings and Parachute
Recommended Motor C6-3, D9-5
Projected Altitude:500 Feet What better way to get kids…

<b>NEW</b> FREE ROCKETS <br />

Thanks to the generosity and genius of Art Applewhite, you can download patterns and templates for…

<b>NEW</b> Hex-3 <br />Cheap as chips

The cheapest Skill Level 3 kit on earth! Definitely a 1st for Estes, the Hex-3 is going to challenge your building…

<b>NEW</b> Mini AltiTrak<br/> 3 pack

The No. 1 question of rocket flight... how high did it go? The Mini Altitrak does gives answers at a…

3 x AquaStar rockets

Set of 3 additional rockets for the Aqua Star water rocket system The set includes: …

Aqua Star Starter<br />Best Water Rocket Ever

Aqua Star is an absolutely sensational water rocket Robust, non-tipping launch pad Triggering device with 3 meter long pipe, air pump connector…

Chip Cup Cone Rockets  <br />plus 12 Motors & Epoxy

They go up! They come down! Everyone has fun! This version uses 18mm B-impulse motors but other 13, 18…

Chip Cup Cones  <br />30 for cone rockets

Expanded Polystyrene Chip Cups make great cone rockets with the addition of a strong glue (we recommend 5 minute epoxy…

LEO Chip Cup Cones (6) <br />The Devil Makes You Do It

LEO usually stands for Low Earth Orbit but in this case these insanely fun rockets have been named after one…

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