Estes Recovery Wadding
for PSII and big rockets

Estes Recovery Wadding
for PSII and big rockets
[EST 3556]

Estes Recovery Wadding  for PSII and big rockets
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If you didn't get a Recovery Upgrade, you will need wadding to protect Estes flimsy plastic parachute, even more so with the energetic ejections of big E and bigger motors.

Any ejection charge is HOT and full of flying particles that will melt and pierce any parachute, whether it is bin liner material or nylon. Estes wadding is extremely fire resistant and cheap enough to strew liberally all over parks and farmer's fields. Good job that it is bio degradable, too, but you really should pick it up after your flight to keep the countryside from looking like a tip.

A better idea would be to examine the utility of permanent wadding that is made of Nomex cloth. This is the same stuff that F1 driver's overalls are made out of. A swatch of Nomex is included in each Deepsky Recovery Upgrade Kit (along with Kevlar harness and a nylon chute). And you can buy Nomex a la carte HERE.

There's 39 sheets in the pack for maybe a dozen flights depending on how large your rockets are and how liberal you are in its use. Don't forget to tidy the recovery area when you are done!

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 07, July 2014.