12 inch Thin Mil
Nylon Parachute

12 inch Thin Mil
Nylon Parachute

12 inch Thin Mil Nylon Parachute
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It's hard to tell from the picture but these are the best parachutes in the business! Each one is hand made in the United States of America by a real American rocket-persons.

These parachutes are made of 1.1 oz. zero porosity ripstop nylon. You know, that filmy feeling stuff. Consequently, the chutes are extremely light for their size and can be packed into amazingly small spaces (but not too small, please!).

This parachute is the one to get if you have to get a reasonable-sized chute into an unreasonably small body tube. The smaller chutes come with 50 pound shroud lines and then it steps up to 80 pound and 130 pounds to suit the size.

These chutes are more efficient than a Estes chute (even before the bin liner material original one gets a bunch of holes in it or gets half melted) so you can go with a smaller size. We will put a decent rate calculator in the Hints and Tips section shortly.

These chutes come without spill holes. If you want a spill hole, a sharp pair of scissors will do the trick and a carefully applied flame will sort any unraveling.

The chutes come only in international distress orange. Apologies to EasyJet ;-)

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 23, May 2014.