C6-0 Six Pack
18mm Rocket Booster Motor

C6-0 Six Pack
18mm Rocket Booster Motor
[MRBK 0240]

C6-0 Six Pack18mm Rocket Booster Motor
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Power for rocket gliders or first stage boosters!

Rocket gliders benefit from a long boost. The booster stage on a two stage rocket does, too.

These motors are LEGAL. Class 1.4S just like Estes motors, fully CE marked, and ADR compliant. No license required.

These are excellent booster motors for staged rockets that usually take Estes C6-0. They come with special staging sticks that INSTANTLY light the sustainer (2nd stage motor) so there is no lack of acceleration all the way to 2nd stage burn out AND more altitude as the rocket will not lean over as with Estes between stages! You must use the Igniter Sticks to light any second stage motor!

Sold in packs with SIX green fuses that are sufficient to reliably ignite the motors.

To comply with the UK Safety Code, however, you need to electrically initiate the motor. This can be done by (1) purchasing and taping and Estes Starter on the end of the green fuse. The Estes Starters come in packs of six so they will suit a Klima pack of 6 motors >>OR<< (2) purchase a pack of the new Klima Mk 2 igniters and use as directed.

Vital Statistics

Length: about 70 mm
Diameter: about 18 mm
Total impulse: about 9.8 Ns
Average thrust: about 2 N
Burn Duration: about 5 s
Propellant weight: 105g
Delay: none

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  • C6-0 Six Pack18mm Rocket Booster Motor