Pyrotechnic igniters
for Mid Power motors

Pyrotechnic igniters
for Mid Power motors

Pyrotechnic igniters  for Mid Power motors
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To light a big motor, you need a big igniter!

Davey Bickford Premier SA2001 igniters (or equivalent) are used for AP composite motors like Aerotech and Cesaroni solid motors and some hybrid HPR motors. They can also be used for flight controller-triggered ejection charges. These are NOT for Estes model rocket motors! They just don't fit up their wazzoo!

These igniters are sometimes known as Davey Fires or Electric Matches. They come with a 1500mm length of lead wire which is sufficient for most applications. The pyro bit on the end is 3mm wide. The protective cap pushes out of the way. These may be too big for some smaller Aerotechs - use Copperheads or First Fire Jrs.

Make sure you have enough current to fire these! For launchers we recommend Klima URZ or Estes PS II Launcher. For ejection charges, there is NO substitute for ground tests and fresh batteries for each flight!

The igniter leads are 100cm long

These Articles Pyrotechnic UN0454 Hazard Class 1.4S igniters cannot be mailed and must be sent by COURIER. Please choose the appropriate option at checkout to avoid your order being delayed.

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