How high can you fly?

How high can you fly?
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Altitrack  How high can you fly?
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How high did it go? is the eternal rocketry question. Get the answer with this nicely made inclinometer that eliminates trig tables, awareness of the tangent function (and indeed of Pythagoras or other ancient Greek thinkers!).

Some assembly but no painting is required. Direct reading metric and degree angle scales as long as you use a 500 foot baseline. It's kinda weird that the scale in meters and given it was designed by a US company (albeit made in China) that is still stuck on the old imperial system. A conversion table to feet is included.

If you don't want to use a 500 foot baseline then please note that the tangent of the angle that you measure X your baseline will give you altitutde. A table of tangents is also included. Trigonometry for beginners ;-)

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