NEW Auriga
Cluster of 3

NEW Auriga
Cluster of 3

NEW Auriga Cluster of 3
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Fly to over 400m with this easy-to-build cluster kit

For some reason Klima loves Latinate rocket names. Auriga (Latin constellation The Charioteer) is an entry into the world of clustered rocket motors.

Auriga is very easy to build as it comes with a completely new plastic fin system, similar to Klima's "Quick & Easy" models, but with a diameter of 50mm. The model is very fast build and the fins are always perfectly aligned. The plastic fins are impact-resistant ABS, which are compatible with almost any paint or adhesive. The colored fins and the large lettering makes decorating Auriga a snap.

In addition, the Auriga contains a sophisticated baffle system for permanent parachute protection - protective wadding is not required. The separation in the middle of the fuselage happens at the rugged baffle / tube connector, which makes a very gentle recovery possible.

The light-ply milled 3-motor mount secures the motors with a stainless steel bolt and washer that fits precisely into the aft section.

IMPORTANT: When starting a cluster model, we strongly recommend the use of Igniter Sticks (Part No. 0001 ) and Tape Match(Part No. 0012 ) to ensure simultaneous ignition.

A 6mm guide rod (Part No. 7612 ) should be used to guide the model safely during the launch phase.

Vital Statistics

Length: 895mm
Diameter: 50mm
Weight: 250g
Glue: CA or epoxy
Recovery: 55cm nylon parachute
Recovery Upgrade: Kit D
Launch Equipment: Air Launcher with 6mm rod upgrade
Motors and Altitudes: 3xB4-4 (88 m / first flight)
2xC6-5 + 1xC6-P (225 m)
2xD9-5 + 1xD9-P (420m)
Other combinations are also possible

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 05, January 2018.