D9-5 Six Pack
18mm Rocket Motor

D9-5 Six Pack
18mm Rocket Motor
[MRBK 0495]

D9-5 Six Pack18mm Rocket Motor
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More power for your Estes A/B/C models!

At last there is an alternative to the AeroTech 18mm SU and reloadables that is cost effective and LEGAL. Class 1.4S UN0454 just like Estes motors, fully CE marked, and ADR compliant. Fill yer boots!

Sold in packs with SIX green fuses that are sufficient to reliably ignite the motors.

To comply with the UK Safety Code, however, you need to electrically initiate the motor. This can be done by (1) purchasing and taping and Estes Starter on the end of the green fuse. The Estes Starters come in packs of six so they will suit a Klima pack of 6 motors >>OR<< (2) purchase a pack of the new Klima Mk 2 igniters and use as directed.

19.5Ns total impulse

Vital Statistics

Length: about 70 mm
Diameter: about 18 mm
Total impulse: about 19.5 Ns
Average thrust: about 8.7 N
Burn Duration: about 2.1 s
Propellant weight: 105g
Delay: 5 s

Excerpts from a letter sent to UKRA on 21 August 2014

Your recent United Kingdom Rocketry Association (UKRA) web site posting regarding Klima composite model rocket motors and igniters (is) in error.

The UKRA has no authority or expertise to determine the legality of model rocket motors in the UK. This decision lies completely with the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The UK and Germany are signatories of the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). The German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is a Competent Authority for German health and safety matters.

Raketenmodellbau Klima GmbH (Klima) has been issued with a certificate by BAM providing for CE certification and classification of Klima composite motors as 1.4S, UN0432 and their igniters as UN0454 as well as approval of their packaging.

As the HSE web site explains, HSE does NOT require an application to classify or authorise the import, storage, sale or transport of any product that meets the requirements stated above. Klima motors and igniters are therefore legal in the UK without additional input from HSE.

UKRA's apparent reliance on the LOCEF data base as dispositive for UK legality is in error. This was discussed on 18 August 2014 with an inspector who has responsibility for explosives at the HSE in Bootle.

For a number of years the HSE has accepted the documentation of a competent authority from country that is a signatory to the ADR to determine the legality to import, store, sell and transport those products in the UK.

The references necessary to access the compliance of Klima motors and igniters in the BAM database are on the reverse side of every pack of motors and igniters.

Model rocket flights made by BMFA club members (including those whose membership is through UKRA) with Klima motors or igniters are therefore covered under the BMFA insurance policy when all other safety code rules are followed.

It is regrettable that UKRA did not seek clarification of the legal status of Klima composite motors and igniters before making incorrect and damaging public pronouncements. Instead of embracing new and exciting possibilities for UK and European rocketeers UKRA have again obstructed these advances and damaged the model rocket hobby in the UK and Europe.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 18, July 2014.

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