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Thanks to the genius of AXM Paper Scale Space Models and Klima we can offer a way to get your own Crew Dragon 2 capsule in flight when Bob and Doug have their big orbital adventure.

If yours doesn't quite make it into orbit at least you can reload the motor and fly it again in short order without having to call for the services of the drone ship "Of Course I Still Love You".

Pay attention! This is not for kids or those who have little patience! In fact, this is for seasoned model rocketeers with building skills and flight experience. The AXM download features insane details which may not be suitable for a flying model, your skill or patience.

    This bundle includes:
  • 35mm Klima body tubes
  • 35mm coupler
  • 35mm motor mount for a single 18mm rocket motor
  • 12 inch plastic parachute
  • Kevlar recovery harness
  • Launch Lug (to be split in two)
  • PVA glue
  • Nomex permanent wadding
  • Balsa fin material
  • Card for the Dragon 2 (US 90 pound cardstock, British 250gsm)
  • B4-4 rocket motors, 6 pack with igniters
    This bundle does NOT include:
  • Appropriately scaled download from AXM (*free on web)
  • Ground support equipment for launching
  • 80gsm paper for the Falcon 9 wrap (ordinary copier paper)

You will need to download and downscale and print the pdf on standard photocopier paper to completely wrap the Klima body tube from the AMX site below. Depending on your paper, 96% or thereabouts for 80gsm paper should do it.

The Dragon2 capsule needs to be printed on the included card

Instructions are here:

The AXM is has many additional pdfs for building a landed Falcon 9 display model and other space models.

You will need to print the Falcon 9 fuseloge and Dragon 2 trunk on standard paper to use as a wrap on the Klima tube. The Crew Dragon capsule needs to be printed on 250gsm card stock. You may need to put a wad of clay inside to move the CG forward for stability.

You don't have to build the Merlin engines or the octaweb unless you are making a display model. We suggest that you split the rocket with the Dragon 2 mounted on a coupler for parachute deployment. Elaborate grid fins and landing legs are at your discretion.

The rest of the Falcon 9 assembly follows standard model rocketry practice.

Using SpaceCAD, OpenRocket, RockSim or other sim program, design fins that will ensure a stable flight. Unlike a real Falcon 9, this flying model is totally UNSTABLE without added empanage! Yes, it ruins the realism but so does a wildly out-of-control, fast moving model rocket on its way to a hard spack :-( Use bits of clear plastic for fins if you want to be creative...

We have made a donation to AXM Paper Space Scale Models for their excellent work. It is suggested that you do the same if you appreciate their efforts at

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