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Magician  <br />Tall Payloader with D power 1

Almost as much power as He Who Cannot Be Named... can pack a peaceful payload, too

Conjure up some special space magic with the Magician from Estes! The talented Estes rocket shop designers have created an enormous, supersized payload rocket that's guaranteed to impress! (Almost as much as the fluff that comes out of the Estes marketing department's efforts to work off their oversupply of exclamation marks!!!)

This sorcerer stands an impressive 850mm (33 inches) tall and has a clear payload section, so you can launch just about anything into space. Well, not quite anything, but it's sure to hold a small race car, an action figure, dead spider or whatever your imagination can dream up. If it fits into the payload section, you can launch it! (Hmmm maybe not anything combustible/explosive or toxic, either.)

And, contra to the Estes bumph, space starts at 100km up. The Magician would need to start at 99km to make that an achievable goal. Or a straight A student at Hogwarts :-)

This Skill Level 3 rocket, this kit comes with a high quality wooden nose cone, laser cut balsa wood fins and waterslide decals... spray on a rattle tin paint job and it looks, er, magic.

The Magician screams off the launch pad to heights up to 1,600 feet. Getting this illusionist back to earth is accomplished by its included preassembled 46cm parachute. And to keep doing its trick, consider a Recovery Upgrade Kit C.

As do all rockets kits, Magician requires a launch system; (launch controller and launch pad), rocket motors, igniters and recovery wadding to operate. Also requires an Estes MaxiRod. A Klima Air Launcher with the 6mm rod upgrade is a good alternative.

Magician is also suitable for use with E9-6 rocket motors, where and when available (unfortunately not anywhere in the EU). E rocket motors require an E Launch Controller and E Launch Pad. But but but but but you can fit a 2 x 18mm BT-60 motor mount and get up to E total impulse with a pair of Klima Ds :-)

And with a bit of tubing and balsa, you could turn Magician into a two stager with a D12-0 in the booster. It's go way high ;-)

Vital Statistics

Length: 850mm (33 in)
Diameter: 33.8mm (1.33 in)
Weight: 100g (3.5 oz)
Glue: Aliphatic Resin
Recovery: 450mm parachute (18 in)
Recovery Upgrade: Kit C
Launch equipment: standard PLUS MaxiRod or Air Launcher with 6mm rod
Recommended motors: D12-5

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