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Educational Rockets 1


<b>!HOT!</b> Deluxe Tandem X <br />2x rockets 6x motors

Easy to build and twice as much fun as other launch sets! Complete with batteries, wadding & MOTORS for…

<b>*Do you need help choosing? <br> Get the Right Set</b>


<b>All in</b> Loadstar II Set  <br />6 motors & more

Loadstar II's Vital Statistics Length: 24.625 inches (62.5cm)
Diameter: 1.637 inches (41.6mm)
Fins: Balsa
Weight (without payload): 2.83oz (80.1g)

<b>CLASSIC</b> Deluxe Alpha III Set  <br />3 Motors & more

Vital Statistics for the Alpha III model rocket kit Diameter:24mm
Fins: Plastic pre-fabricated fin can
Glue: CA Included…

<b>Deluxe</b> Mira Starter Set <br />All in for 6 launches

Vital Statistics for the Mira Model Rocket Kit Length: 338 mm
Diameter: 26 mm
Weight: 55 g
Glue: Gorilla Aliphatic…

<b>Deluxe</b> Pan Starter Set <br />6 motors and lots more

Vital Statistics Length: 495 mm
Diameter: 35 mm
Weight: 80 g
Recovery: poly parachute
Recovery Upgrade: Kit C

<b>Deluxe</b> Whirlybird Set<br />Launch Set with  3 motors

E2X - Easy to Assemble and with 3 motors What's black, hot pink and yellow you might ask? Well, we would…

<b>NEW</b> Deluxe Flip Flyer Set<br />3 Motors and more!

Helicopter AND parachute recover An hour or so of your time is all that's required for this E2X- Easy to…

<b>NEW</b> Deluxe Javelin Rocket + Glider <br />3 motors + more

Fly a rocket with parachute recovery AND piggyback free-flying glider Vital Statistics for Javelin Model Rocket Kit Length: 15 in (38…

<b>NEW</b> SpaceX Falcon 9<br />Deluxe Launch Set

Extremely limited quantities so please order soon. This is a scale (1:88) model of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket with its…

3 MOTORS Journey Deluxe Launch Set<br />All in launch set

Deluxe set that includes ALL you need for three flights! Motors, wadding, glue and battery! The overactive imaginations of the…

Back Garden Party Chip Cups<br />All-in Starter Set

They go up like a bat out of Hades! But come down like a feather of a dove! Fly…

Deluxe Mosquito Set <br /> All-in to fly FOUR

This set includes all you need to blast off four rockets! 4 x Mosquito Skill Level 1 kits 4 x Nomex permanent…

Deluxe Rascal & Hijinks RTF <br />Launch Set & 3 motors

Vital Statistics for the Rascal and Hijinks Model Rockets Length: 356mm
Diameter: 26mm
Recovery: 30cm parachute
Recovery Upgrade: Kit…

Deluxe Riptide Launch Set  <br />with 3 Motors & more

Riptide's Vital Statistics Length: 457mm Recovery: 12 inch plastic Parachute Starter Set Recovery Upgrade: Kit B Weight: 75g…

Deluxe Taser X Set<br />TWO Tasers, SIX Motors

Taser X's Vital Statistics Length: 18 inches
Diameter:0.79 inches
Fins: Multi-part plastic molded
Glue: CA Gelincluded
Recovery: 12 inch poly parachute…

Deluxe Ten Set <br />for Schools, Scouts, Cadets

Vital Statistics for Ten Set Model Rocket Kits Length: 470 mm
Diameter: 26 mm
Weight: about 33g
Glue: Gorilla Aliphatic Resin(wood glue), CA…

Deluxe V2 set<br />With BIG motors and more!

Deluxe V2's Vital Statistics Length - 22.4 in. (56.9 cm)
Diameter - 2.6 in. (66 mm)
Weight - 6.3…

Dragonite/Flash x 10 Blast Off Set  <br />EVERYTHING ALL IN!

ABSOLUTELY everything needed to build and launch TEN Dragonite/Flash model rockets... *except good weather and a place to launch! You're on…

FireHawk Set <br /> All-in to fly FOUR

This set includes all you need to blast off four rockets! A terrific model for scouts, schools or youth clubs…

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